About Stage One

Welcome to Stage One. As a charity we support theatre producers and productions through educational and investment schemes.

We facilitate a series of development programmes ranging from practical workshops, to financial awards. Unlike other arts funding, Stage One prides itself on supporting the producer and their career rather than just one specific project. You can find on this website further details on all our programmes and what would be most suited to you.

We are a collaborative organisation and rely on the support of professionals in the industry and in return aim to promote and share the work of producing sector. Sign up to our newsletter to hear more.

Stage One is a charity and our work would not be possible without the support of the Society of London Theatre and many generous individuals, businesses, trusts and foundations. Working closely with Society of London Theatre and UK Theatre we adhere to a collaborative Cultural Statement in the way we work with each other. Please click here to read more.

“Producing can be a stressful and sometimes lonely business so knowing that there is an organisation that trains, supports and nurtures people through the initial stages of their careers inspires me.”

- Joseph Smith, Stage One Chief Executive.


Stage One are acutely aware that our role is to support emerging producers in this critical time. We are aware of the disruption producers are facing and want to offer advice/support for those who are directly affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. If you are an emerging producer or Stage One alumni please get in touch and we  will aim to offer guidance where we can. Email [email protected] 

With this in mind, we have allocated some funds to provide support and welcome producers who have taken part in a development programme with Stage One over the past 3 years to apply. For more information on the support funds, please click here

Alternatively, we have put together a list of other resources that may be beneficial to you, as a producer, in giving you financial and/or practical support. Please click here to download.

Stage One are proud to have helped the careers of theatre producers for over 40 years. We are encouraged by the collaboration and support shown across this industry in this trying time.  



Joseph Smith

Chief Executive


Louise Goodman

Programme Manager


Siobhan Walsh

Outreach Project Leader


Suzie Brewis



Elizabeth Duducu

Fundraising and Development


Martin Scott

Head of Finance


Fiona Allan

Aidan Grounds

Charlotte Longstaff

Edward Snape

Emma Brunjes

James Williams

Tracey Childs

Mark Burch


Julian Bird

Thelma Holt

Jamie Wilson

Nia Janis

Eleanor Lloyd

Jonathan Hull

Nicola Seed

Mark Rubinstein

Kenny Wax

Michael Lynas



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