27 August 2018

Kadisha, our outreach & marketing co-ordinator, has gained her experience through a degree in Film & Theatre and also working and training in subsidised theatre, formal education and youth work charities. Alongside her role at Stage One, she also works as an Assistant Director and Facilitator on a range of youth projects. As the deadline for Bridge the Gap applications nears, we're getting all her top tips...

Let’s start with the basics… what is Bridge the Gap all about and why do we need it? 

Bridge the Gap is a new year-long training programme for Producers that are under-represented within the theatre landscape. The aim of this is to create a long term relationship with producers and continue to guide and train people through the course of their careers through the whole range of our development programmes.

What draws you to theatre and specifically to Stage One?

Theatre is an outlet for people to be creative and express whatever it is that they want to do. What drew me to Stage One was their desire to make sure that more producers are getting the access to their training.

Explain a little bit more about your role at Stage One?

I work at Stage One as their Outreach and Marketing Coordinator. The aim of my role here is to make sure that more people are hearing about the work we do and to also make sure that a wider-represented pool of producers are being trained.

You also work as AD & Facilitator on other projects…what keeps you motivated?

I’m really passionate about creating work with communities and young people, as I feel that this is one of the main ways to work with people that may not usually engage with theatre and the arts. One of the things that keeps me motivated is seeing young people taking ownership of their work the work they produce and strengthening their voice on the things that they want to say and share with us.

What’s one show you saw and loved that will always stay with you?

When I saw Hang by debbie tucker green at the Royal Court a few years ago, this was a show that I watched when I really started to invest in going to the theatre. At that point I really began thinking about the creative process that happens when developing the show. It was also the point I knew that there was a chance that I could pursue a career within the theatre industry.

What is your top tip for people applying to Bridge the Gap?

I want to hear about the barriers that people have personally faced when trying to get into the industry and how Bridge the Gap will be able to help with the development of their careers. Stage One need to know what the issues are for producers in order to know how to tackle them directly. This is why we want Bridge the Gap to be tailored to each individual.

And what’s your suggested snack for when completing the form?

Hmmm… I’m craving Olives and Tomatoes at the moment so yeah, that’s my recommended snack. (Gordal Olives to be precise)

Lastly…how are you spending your bank holiday?

I’ll be in sunny Majorca, eating ham and cheese by a pool having a read of the book "Slay In Your Lane", that I’ve been saving for my holiday!

Still want to know more? Click here for more information on Bridge the Gap.

Applications close 5pm Monday 3rd September. Get applying