9 January 2019

Nathan trained as an actor and worked in front of audiences for nearly 10 years before realising his true passion was in Producing. After years of producing for theatre (freelance & as NB productions) as well as for television & film (Turtle Canyon Media), Nathan joined The Mercury Theatre, Colchester as their Stage One Regional Apprentice. Mercury created the role of Associate Producer for him, a role which he fulfilled for 2 years, leaving in 2018 to join David Pugh & Dafydd Rogers in London’s glittering west end! 

Nathan is now 2 months in to being Producer with Selladoor Worldwide.


To kick off 2019, what projects are you working on with Selladoor? 

For me & my team - we are literally about to open the 2019 tour of American Idiot, whilst Madagascar returns to the road at the end of Jan and the European Premiere of Little Miss Sunshine starts rehearsals in just over a month! Oh and there’s two other unannounced projects too for this year!!! But Selladoor also has Avenue Q, Flashdance in Korea, Fame and Elmer the Elephant, as well as co-producing 9 to 5, Rock of Ages and Amelie.

What challenges, if any, have you faced recently within your role? 

Haha it’s theatre there’s a new challenge everyday which is what makes it so fun!! But a big challenge very recently has been staffing on one of our shows - it has absolutely shocked me that you can have people locked down months in advance for a long contract for them to think it’s ok to pull out a matter of days before their start date - it’s extremely unprofessional. Luckily we are so blessed in this country to have so many wonderfully talented people who are ready & willing to jump in – and those people are the one’s worth keeping!

Are there any lessons you learnt on your placement which you still put into practice today? 

Oh wow - absolutely. I feel extremely lucky as I have experienced Producing from both sides of the ‘fence’, both subsidised and commercial and I learnt very quickly that despite what many will tell you the two sectors can absolutely exist side by side - in fact some of the best work happens when these two ‘sides’ join forces. The key to this being successful, in my opinion, is communication! Different people can all want different things or have different requirements from any project but as long as everyone communicates things become so much easier! It’s when people don’t and make their own mind up about what the other wants/is trying to do that things can go south!!

What advice would you give to someone applying for a regional placement? 

Do it. Do it now. In fact, why haven’t you done it yet? My placement at The Mercury not only gave me the opportunity to make Producing my full time career, but put me on the path to where I am now. Without Stage One I would not have met and formed a lifelong friend/mentor in the incredible Tracey Childs, I would not have then been fortunate enough to work for the marvels that are David Pugh & Dafydd Rogers and I also would not have met David Hutchinson & Phillip Rowntree which ultimately (via many Stage One events  **cough .. drinks** and a Co-pro) led me to Selladoor.

One show you’ve seen and loved that will always stay with you?

I always hate this question as to pick one is genuinely so tough. Hamilton has to be up there - I’m not sure I’ve ever had such high expectations of a show going in before but it absolutely met and exceeded those expectations and I left knowing I witnessed something very special.

Any New Year’s resolutions? 

I’m really boring and don’t tend to have New Years resolutions. Perhaps it should be - by next year to make some New Years Resolutions!!

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