Producer Profile: Taz Skylar

23 August 2019

Taz's first producing experience was a Short film about racial ambiguity that got nominated for Best Short at LA film festival, Madrid International film Festival, Barcelona International Film Festival and Orlando International film Festival. Since then he has produced 7 more shorts and now his first play, Warheads at The Bernice Grant Arts centrewhich transferred and is currently showing at the Park Theatre for 4 weeks.

Warheads is a punchy urban drama based on a true story

Upon return from his first tour of Afghanistan, 19 year old Miles isn’t quite himself. Noises don’t sound the same. People don’t look the same. Pizza doesn’t taste the same.

The harder he tries to act normal, the harder it gets to be normal. And all his loved ones’ attempts to help him just keep making things worse.

Dates: Thursday 15th August - Saturday 7th September 2019

Tickets: £18 | £16.50 concessions | £10 Park Up Member (16-26 years)

Booking info: Get your tickets here or call 020 7870 6876


When did you first discover your passion for theatre and what was your journey to becoming a Theatre Producer?

I love story. Stories in any form and any medium. Story first. And I have a very specific style of story that I like to watch. That doesn't get put on enough. Especially in theatre. There's not enough plays that "my mum would enjoy watching". And that's why I love producing. I get to put on shows that my mum can enjoy. 

Tell us about how you brought Warheads to the Park Theatre. Where did it all start?

I wanted to write something that would shed light on PTSD in young people. My best friend joined the army at 17 and suffered from PTSD through his young age. This isn't something that gets spoken about much and I wanted to tackle it in an accessible way for all audiences.

The Park happened by chance. I was flyering outside Trafalgar Studios this one day, trying to sell tickets for my BGAC show and a trustee at Park happened to walk by and ask what I was doing. She then brought Jez Bond to see the show and we agreed to work together quite quickly after that. THEY ARE AN AMAZING GROUP OF PEOPLE. ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE AT PARK IS AMAZING. 

How has connecting with Stage One, gaining a mentor and receiving a bursary award, helped with your development as a Producer?

Robyn, my mentor has been an invaluable human at my side throughout this. She's an encyclopedia, a friend, a cheerleader, an auntie and motivational speaker all rolled into one. I couldn't have navigated a lot of situations without her help. 

The bursary has given me the financial freedom to even contemplate doing this in the first place. And I've grown 100 times more as a producer from doing this show than I ever could have in any other form of education. THANK YOU STAGE ONE! 

What have you found most challenging when producing this show?


What did you wish someone had told you when you were starting out?


What’s your next step as a producer?

I have a few shows I'm toying with putting on. I definitely want to work with the Park again. And also want to begin relationships with similar sized venues in different areas of London to start broadening my audiences and reach. 

Your favourite line from the show?

"If you break her heart, I'll break your toes."