7 March 2018

Paul Taylor-Mills shares with us his 10 tips for being a producer

Paul is the Artistic Director at The Other Palace and Advisory Producer to Andrew Lloyd Webber and the Really Useful Group.Paul trained at Bath Spa University and the National Youth Theatre. He is the recipient of the Stage One Bursary and Start Up Fund for young producers and currently runs the last standing weekly repertory play season in the UK at the Manor Pavilion Theatre in Sidmouth and The Theatre Royal Windsor from June to September every year. 

We asked Paul what he thought the best tips for being a producer were in his eyes...

  1. Once you’ve raised all the money, the next most important currency is your integrity. Always keep it classy, dignified and thoughtful. Be nice. And if you can’t always be nice be fair. 
  2. Laugh at yourself. And have fun. Very few people in theatre get paid enough so it’s very important that you get to enjoy the ride. The easiest way to do this is to work with nice people and always trust your instinct. That’s one of the few things you have some control of. 
  3. Always be transparent. Remember that the industry is actually very small.
  4. Ensure your social media is positive, supportive and appropriate. Sometimes you might see work that’s not for you. Keep it to yourself. It might come back to bite you in years to come. 
  5. See everything you can. The good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between. This helps you understand the climate that you’re making work in and will inform the shows you want to make and whom you want to make it. 
  6. Try your best to understand what everyone in the production process does. Which part of the job/process is the time when they need you most. You need to wear lots of hats and be all things to everyone. 
  7. You are the person that is ultimately responsible. In stressful situations it’s easy to pass blame. Even when you have no control do you best to pretend you do, it might just be the solice others need. 
  8. Pick your battles. It’s one hairy ride and you need to make sure you’re firm when you need to be but also have the ability to support a process which is creative and forever fluid. 
  9. Learn how to deal with rejection. You have to find a way of staying positive. Take everything seriously apart from yourself. 
  10. Make yourself the best version of you. It’s very easy to compare yourself to others. Don’t. There’s no perfect trajectory. Every producers has a different journey and way of working. This is the thing that separates you and your work and will eventually be celebrated.