9 August 2018

Stage One have launched Bridge the Gap, a new initiative developed specifically for people currently under-represented within the producing community. 

Dear friends of Stage One,

As you may know we have been developing a new programme. It’s important to us that everyone is able to access commercial producing, regardless of their career path, race, religion, gender, disability or socio-economic status. Honing in on our charities’ mission statement, Stage One identifies, supports, guides and trains emerging entrepreneurs whilst simultaneously encouraging creative, successful and responsible practice.

In December 2017 we appointed Kadisha Williams, our Outreach and Marketing Coordinator to work with us to develop a year-long programme to cater to those who have traditionally been under represented in our industry. With this in mind we are excited to launch Bridge the Gap.   

Over the course of the year, Bridge the Gap will provide up to 10 candidates with:

  • Free places on our three day workshop.
  • Additional tailored masterclasses focusing on career progression and development, which will be adapted to the needs of our participants.
  • Tickets and access to West End shows.
  • Over 12 months, participants will be partnered with an industry mentor with the aim of supporting, developing and advising them on their commercial producing aspirations.  
  • Regular meetings with Stage One producers and staff, who will check in and offer to help with their development; offering industry access and support.

Bridge the Gap is a bespoke scheme designed to support and nurture talented individuals who may not have thought a career in commercial theatre was available to them. 

And this is where you come in! We want to work with you to help make the scheme a success.

As leading producers and supporters of Stage One we are asking for your help with; mentoring, tickets to shows, invitations to press nights or an offer to run a masterclass.  If you think you can offer any of the above please get in touch with Kadisha.

We are excited to launch Bridge the Gap and look forward to supporting a more diverse group of producers through their careers.

Yours sincerely,

Joseph Smith

Chief Executive

(02075576752/[email protected])