20 November 2018

This week we're chatting to Carla, a producer and translator, currently the Stage One Producer at Dundee Rep Theatre. Carla will be at the theatre for a 12-month position as part of our trainee producer placement scheme.

She is also the lead Producer for MakingSpaceArts and City Coordinator for Sofar Sounds Glasgow. Some of her theatre credits include: Drowning by Amanda Fromell (Leicester Curve Theatre Inside Out Festival, Ugly Duck London, Stockholm and UK wide), Blackout by Gavin J Innes (Vault Festival) and Agent of Influence: The Secret life of Pamela More by Sarah Sigal (Theatre503, Underbelly Edinburgh, JW3),

Read more about her experience at Dundee Rep to see if this scheme could work for you! Applications for 2018/19 placements open soon so keep an eye out...

What are you currently working on as a producer with Dundee Rep? 

Since starting the placement I have worked on several projects, including the first sharing of a new musical development which will premier in the USA next Summer and a revival of Gagarin Way directed by Cora Bissett, but my main focus at the moment is Rep Stripped which will be Dundee Rep's first new writing festival next April, for which I am the lead producer.

It feels like there has been a call recently to further our support of regional theatre. Have you felt that?

When working outside of London as a freelance producer I have always felt that regional venues are a lot more supportive to both producers and artists even though they normally don't have the same resources available in London, but are still consistently creating exciting and innovative work. So being able to further support regional theatre is extremely helpful for both sides, offering the theatres an extra resource and offering producers an insight into a different creative environment.

What have you found most challenging since starting your placement? 

Being used to working as an independent producer, mostly by myself, it was an interesting experience to figure out where my place in the organisation was and working out the existing dynamics between departments at the very beginning of the placement. On a daily basis, being in a subsidised regional venue the main challenge is managing budgets, 

And what’s been the most rewarding part?

Being part of a small but very supportive team and getting an insight into the day to day running of a successful theatre as well as making very valuable contacts in the industry.

Why did you apply for the scheme in the first place?  

After a few years of working as a freelance producer, mainly in the fringe, I wanted to develop some experience working within an established venue and it's very hard to find an opportunity to make that switch and the Stage One placement seemed like the perfect occasion to try that.

What’s the dream goal with your career as a producer?  

In the short term I'd like to continue to produce work that interests me and attracts a diverse audience but in the long run, I would love to run a venue and be able to support upcoming talent.

One show you’ve seen and loved that will always stay with you?  

One show I always go back to is Our Class by Tadeusz Slobodzianek, which I saw at the Cottesloe Theatre almost 9 years ago, it was an incredibly powerful piece.

Lastly…where would you recommend for dinner and drinks before heading to Dundee Rep?  

Dundee Rep has an award-winning restaurant for pre-show dining and the DCA next door has a really nice bar. And if you're looking for post-show drinks...Draffens is probably the coolest cocktail bar in Scotland.