Q: How do I book a tour?

17 November 2017

A: Touring venues are usually booked up a long way in advance. Most operate on a system whereby they will make a "pencil booking" first and then confirm or otherwise nearer the time. No contract exists until the booking is confirmed and the terms and conditions agreed. You won’t want to tour your show in close proximity to where you’ve just toured, so in most cases a tour might jump from different ends of the country E.g. first night in Aberdeen then down to Brighton for the following week. Don’t forget when approaching venues to sell your show, make it specific (why that venue, why that capacity, why now) and if you’re lucky enough to already know the logistics of touring the show you can use this as another tactic to sell E.g. if it’s a family show with a small get in, it could work in rep with the current main house show. Good luck and be creative!