VAULTS FESTIVAL: Producer Profiles Weeks Four & Five

6 February 2019


Hope you enjoyed last week's peek into what's on at Vaults this year. We're reconnecting with even more alumni today to see what's on for Weeks Four & Five (13th Feb-24th Feb)...


By Sasha Wilson
Wednesday 13th-Sunday 17th
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CALL ME FURY is about The Witch Trials. Sort of. It’s a ferocious exploration of womanhood in a world where the people around you, the legal system, the whole social order don’t seem to give a damn. Sound familiar?

A new play by Sasha Wilson (author of BURY THE HATCHET - VAULT 2018 People’s Choice Award Winner/Offie Nomination Best Ensemble) CALL ME FURY is a feral scream of rage, a commentary about sexual politics and feminism today.

Producer: Claire Gilbert, workshop participant 2016

Claire is an independent theatre producer with a focus on new, political theatre. In addition to Out Of The Forest Theatre she works for British-Romanian BÉZNĂ Theatre, Squint Theatre and Wayward Productions. She has previously worked for Complicité & Good Chance Theatre.

"Stage One gave me the confidence to pursue producing full-time as well as a network of peers to share ideas, gain advice and even hire (fellow Stage One Alum Will Alder is our Lighting Designer!)"  



By Simon Carroll-Jones & Upstart Theatre
Wednesday 13th-Sunday 17th
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A pilgrimage of a super-fan tracing the final days of cycling hero and drugs cheat Marco Pantani. 

"I made a decision
To forget about the boy growing inside her
To fly with the gods
Like Marco Pantani in the mountains.
This is my church."

Producer: Hannah Tookey, workshop participant 2014

Hannah is a theatre, film and festivals producer focussed on exploring contemporary socio-political stories. She produces for Rhum and Clay, Upstart Theatre, Theatre Témoin, Change of Art, Thud, Offbeat Festival, her own company, Voxie, and other artists. She is a Trustee for Imagine If Theatre Company, and on the Youth Fundraising Committee for Mousetrap Theatre Projects. 

"Stage One is a brilliant way to connect with other producers - there are so few opportunities as a freelancer to come together with other independent producers, and the friendship and connections I made on the workshop in 2014 still remain today."



By James Mitchell
Wednesday 20th-Sunday 24th 
Tickets here.

Leave a Message is a brand new comedy, based on an actual afternoon. Two friends, Ed and Sarah, travel to the small squalid bedsit where Ed’s father passed away a few days earlier. The place is wretched - covered in filth and reeking of alcohol - but the two begin their unenviable task of trawling through the wreckage in front of them. As they wade through the debris, pouring over the contents, the fragments of one lost life begin to coalesce, just as another starts to show signs of cracking. 

At turns heart breaking and hilarious, Leave A Message is a story of loss and love, weakness and courage; of addiction and loneliness, but also friendship and hope. 

Producer: Libby Daniel, soon to be workshop participant 2019 (postponed 2018 course)

Libby was born and raised in Thailand before moving to the UK in 2009, where she studied Drama and Theatre studies, and is now pursuing a career in theatre production.

Her first producing role was for immersive theatre production You Me Bum Bum Train as part of a large team. Since then, she has gone on to work for three commercial West End production companies: David Pugh Ltd., Bill Kenwright Ltd. and David Ian Productions. 

"I am doing the Stage One workshop this year to hone my existing skills and to get a better insight into the fundamentals of putting on a production, specifically budgeting, marketing and fundraising. I know this will help me progress as a new, emerging producer."


By Lucy Roslyn
Wednesday 20th-Sunday 24th
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"I'm sick to death of this particular self. I want another."

Have you ever lived outside yourself? Have you ever dreamed of escaping your identity, or yearned to leave behind those definitions handed down to you: loud or quiet, male or female, straight, gay, working/middle/upper class?

Lucy Roslyn's new play is the story of a person looking for escape, a person desperate to leave behind the identitarian bullshit of 2019.

Producer: Jessie Anand, workshop participant 2017

Jessie worked at The Corner Shop PR and the National Theatre before going freelance as a producer in May 2018. Productions include The Boatswain's Mate (Arcola Theatre) with her opera company Spectra Ensemble, and Licensed to Ill (Southwark Playhouse / UK tour) with The Corner Shop Events.

By Padraic Walsh
Wednesday 20th-Sunday 24th
Tickets here.

"My life is where you’re scared something is going to happen and then it does."

It’s 3am in small-town Ireland. The nightclub is closed and Brian's not taking any more fares until tomorrow. But, when his drunk sons show up demanding a lift home, it becomes clear that the night is only just getting started...

Producer: Jessie Anand, workshop participant 2017

 "The Stage One workshop gave me the confidence to take control of a production process, but also to ask for help where necessary - the network I developed through it remains an incredibly valuable resource!"