VAULTS FESTIVAL: Producer Profiles Weeks Six & Seven

13 February 2019


We might be getting a bit ahead of ourselves but make sure you get your tickets in early for weeks 6 & 7! And check out all those exclusive Stage One discounts.... Thanks to all those getting involved in our Vaults producer profiles. And if you're bored of them (as if!) then there's only one more to go...!


By Selfconscious Productions & Wild Yak 
Until the 17th March
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The award-winning (Scotsman Fringe First, Amnesty International Freedom of Expression) theatrical sensation comes to London in a brand new version from the directors of the Belarus Free Theatre.

Based on Mark and Marichka Marczyks' first hand experiences during the 2014 Kiev Uprising, Counting Sheep invites you to lose yourself in the events that changed the course of Ukrainian history forever. Sing, march, protest, dance, eat, help, recoil, fight, laugh, cry. With folk singing, found footage and revolutionary staging this ‘Guerrilla Folk Opera' is an electrifying exploration of human resilience.

This production is a unique artistic collaboration between Mark and Marichka Marczyk, whose lives changed forever while fighting for freedom and love in Maidan Square, and Natalia Kaliada and Nicolai Khalezin, founders of Belarus Free Theatre, whose struggles with the repressive dictatorship in Belarus are well documented. This joint theatrical statement from people who went through real life and death situations makes for an explosive stage experience.

Producer: Wild Yak (Grant Edwards & Oliver King), workshop participant 2017 & 2015

Wild Yak is a London based independent production and general management company, headed by Producer Oliver King.

The company was founded in 2016  to bring all of Oliver's productions and companies under one banner. We specialise in bringing international work to new audiences, and developing new writing, with our roots in theatrical production. Wild Yak acts as general managers for a range of organisations, including the international arts charity Developing Artists. Belka Productions, which specialises in Anglo-Russian cultural exchange, is a subsidiary of Wild Yak.

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By The New Victorians
Wednesday 27th Feb-Sunday 3rd March
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MARA is an original, multidisciplinary piece, celebrating women through time by means of sound manipulation and electro-acoustic music, performed live by The New Victorians. An ensemble-driven piece starring an all-female Maltese company.

From inventors and scientists, to artists and activists. From musicians and politicians, to writers, to fighters, to mothers. MARA is an audio-theatrical journey through time, highlighting the fact that every story is worth telling, and that no voice should be silenced. 


Producer: Vikesh Godwani, workshop participant 2017

Vikesh worked as an assistant producer with multi-award winning company China Plate. His freelance experience includes producing events to showcase work by emerging artists at Battersea Arts Centre, Rich Mix and Artsadmin.  Most recently Vikesh co-produced, wrote and directed Gawgaw: A Panto in the Dark commissioned by Malta's National Theatre Company,  Teatru Malta to sold out performances and rave reviews in December 2018. 

"Stage One gave me incredible practical knowledge on producing through the New Producers Workshop. The fact that the sessions were given by very successful commercial producers and that we were learning through looking at current examples of west-end productions, gave me an insight into how it's actually done. This demystified the process, providing me with the confidence I needed to take the next step in my career."


By Emma Blackman Productions & Emily Jenkins
Wednesday 6th March-Sunday 10th March
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BOBBY & AMY - A new dark comedy about foot and mouth disease from Fringe First Award winner Emily Jenkins. 

It's the late nineties, Take That, Tamagotchis, Dib Dabs, and PogSwaps. When 13 year old Bobby and Amy meet, hundreds of cows dot across the fields and the sun always shines. But when the cows begin to burn, Bobby and Amy’s sleepy Cotswold town faces a catastrophe that will change their home forever. Set amongst the devastation that hit farming communities in the late nineties; Bobby & Amy explores friendship, heartache, and what happens when our way of life is threatened by those who don’t understand it.

Producer: Emma Blackman, workshop participant 2017

Emma is Theatre Deli's London Head Producer & Programmer, as well as creating work independently through her company, Emma Blackman Productions. With Theatre Deli, Emma has co-founded and produced numerous festivals including Rain or Shine - an outdoors circus and theatre festival aimed at families, and Beyond Borders - an annual theatre and debate festival during Refugee Week UK. This year, Emma has launched her own production company which is currently producing Bobby & Amy before heading to Edinburgh Festival, followed by a national tour.

"The workshop was beneficial in so many ways. It was an empowering experience that not only provided a wealth of knowledge (I still refer back to the Workshop Pack/Bible every time I start a new project!), but also created a wonderful network of fellow producers, that are available both for professional advice and for a friendly drink after a long week of staring at spreadsheets."


By Jodi Gray
Wednesday 6th March-Sunday 10th March
Tickets here.

As the memories of former patients collide violently with her own, a child psychologist attempts to record what she’s spent her whole life trying to forget. But as Time loosens its grip and her recording equipment begins to argue back we hear the inner workings of a mind on the brink of collapse.

“What we never understood is that we shouldn’t have recorded what they remembered. We should have recorded what was forgot. It’s in those gaps where the life lives.”

Producer: Jill Rutland for Living Record Productions, workshop participant 2015

Jill formed Living Record Productions with director Ross Drury to create vivid, dreamlike experiences for audiences. Using a binaural microphone called FRANK and audience in wireless headphones, their productions are sensory, intimate and immersive whilst keeping pure storytelling at the forefront of everything they do.

"In every project I've worked on since the workshop I've had a moment where something out of the ordinary has happened and I’ve thought ‘ahhh I remember this. We talked about this.’ It gives you a tool box you don’t even know you have until you need it. I'd love to do it again... Can I do it again?"