About Bridge the Gap

Are you interested in overseeing a performance successfully being put on stage? Are you highly organised? Are you the collaborative coordinator on a creative process? Are you doing exactly what a theatre producer does, without realising?

Stage One have created Bridge the Gap to make sure that more people can build on the skills and knowledge needed to pursue a career in commercial theatre producing. 

Bridge the Gap is Stage One’s new initiative that has been developed in order to specifically cater to those that we have identified are under-represented on Stage One’s current programmes.

Stage One aims to build a long term relationship with emerging producers, expand their networks and support them in the next stage of their producing careers through a range of training opportunities.

Bridge the Gap will offer:

  • A free place on our renowned three day New Producers Workshop in either May or October (worth £425) which will equip our group with the skills to bring their producing concepts to reality on the West End.
  • Tailored masterclasses focusing on career progression and development, which will be specifically adapted to the needs of our participants.
  • Regular group tickets and access to theatre shows and press nights from Stage One alumni and by members of our council. 
  • Placement on a year-long mentorship scheme. Over the course of the year, participants will be partnered with a mentor that we believe will be able to support, develop and cater to their commercial producing needs.
  • Monthly group meetings with Stage One staff and community who will check in and offer space to help with their development, offering employment and industry support.

Bridge The Gap is not just the one year-long programme for selected producers. The scheme also offers other opportunities and events encouraging aspiring producers to learn more about the commercial industry. If you would like to be updated on these events please email Siobhan on [email protected] to be added to a mailing list.

“Change needs to happen across our whole industry. We want to encourage and be a part of that change, which is why we have created Bridge the Gap. We identified that there were people who weren’t engaging with our training – whether that be for personal, financial or other circumstances and wanted to address it. We hope that this unique and bespoke scheme can welcome a better represented pool of producers in to Stage One and enable them to participate in the work we do.”

- Joseph Smith, Stage One Chief Executive

Stage One x Tamasha - Intro to Producing

Ever wanted to know what a Theatre Producer does and if you could be one? Take part in our practical workshop and meet the experts to get all your questions answered.

We have teamed up with Tamasha to deliver a practical workshop as an introduction to producing. Chaired by Titilola Dawuda (Hear Me Now) this event is for those who have no experience, but just a keen interest in theatre and an eagerness to learn more about producing. The session will explore all aspects of producing, including booking venues, budgets, fundraising, managing teams and marketing. 

This event is suitable for:

  • Those with no experience of producing but an interest in theatre. 
  • For actors / directors / theatre artists who want to explore the role of a producer.
  • For theatre administrators / trainee producers who want to learn more about producing a show.

This is the event to finally demystify the role of a producer. To book a place on the workshop or to find out more, click here. Contact Siobhan Walsh (Stage One) on [email protected] if you have any furthur questions.

Apply for Bridge The Gap

To apply to be a part of Bridge The Gap, you'll need to become a Stage One member. Becoming a member gives you access to all application forms as well as opportunities and resources for emerging producers.


Applications for 2019/20 are now closed. The next round of application for 2020/21 will open in June, please sign up to the Stage One newsletter and follow us on social media for date announcements. Please log in or sign up to access other opportunities.


If you have any questions about Bridge the Gap, please get in touch with Siobhan on 0207 557 6752 or email [email protected]




We’re looking for people that have a solid understanding of the role of the producer and have explored this as a career before now. This could mean any form of producing; from one-night performances, to community events, to collaborations with other artists or venues. We are looking to build a long-term relationship with people who have an interest in commercial theatre producing but have not had the means to be able to access it.

Yes – you do not have to work in theatre to be eligible. As long you can demonstrate an understanding of and interest in commercial theatre producing and fit our criteria, we welcome an applicaiton. Please do get in touch with Siobhan if you have any questions - [email protected]

If you’ve previously applied for a Stage One development programme and have been successful, you are not eligible for this initiative. We are attempting to open the doors to those have not been able to access support for commercial theatre producing on our other programmes.

Apply for this programme. The reason why we have created this programme is to build and maintain a long-term relationship with those that need financial and practical support by kick-starting their career in theatre producing. Due to the generous support from our donors we are able to cover certain costs in the industry that are sometimes seen as a barrier.

Stage One is a charity set up to support emerging theatre producers and is not able to facilitate the work of actors or writers. However, if you are an artist who wants to transition into producing and have an understanding of what it takes to be a producer, this may be a beneficial programme for you to adapt and refine your skills within the industry.

We have built this programme to be adaptable to work for those that are in full time employment. Some sessions are in the evenings and weekends, however most sessions will be during weekdays in the afternoons. If successful, we will work together with you to ensure you are able to participate in as much of the training as possible.

The programme is designed for approximately 10 producers, however we will respond according to the demand of this year’s application


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