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Over the past 40 years Stage One have supported and invested in West End and Number One tours across the UK and overseas. The organisation has now expanded it’s investment arm to be able to support small-mid scale producers through the Small Scale Commercial Investment and the Start Up Fund. Stage One investment schemes are a commercial investment. If you are a new producer, you may find the Bursaries for New Producers scheme more suitable.

Following a record amount of bursary applications, it is evident that there is energy and optimism amoung the next generation of theatre producers to get a diverse range of commercially ambitious projects on their feet. In response to this, we are pleased to be adjusting our investment guidelines ahead of any announcement that theatre will fully open again. Our aim is to give all producers the confidence to know that Stage One is there to back their projects and to be an integral part of restarting the theatre sector.

Joseph Smith, Chief Executive

Small Scale Commercial Investment

In June 2019, Stage One launched it’s new investment scheme; the Small Scale Commercial Investment to support producers as they approach their (perhaps) first off West End production. The aim is to be able to support a wider range of productions and to help producers create more commercially viable work and increase their pool of investors. We can offer to invest in smaller scale productions (not West End Venues) that fit the following guidelines.

The maximum investment Stage One can offer is £20,000 and capped at 30% of the capitalisation – all applications must be received 4 weeks before the first rehearsal. 

Please note that we are not able to invest in Edinburgh Fringe Shows or shows performing internationally and Producers who have received Stage One Investment for a West End production are precluded from applying. If you have been awarded a Stage One bursary, you are still eligible to apply.

The decision whether to invest in a production is made by a committee made up of active producers, at their discretion the guidelines may be varied depending on the individual circumstances of any production.

In order to apply you must read through the Small Scale Commercial Investment Guidelines. If your production is eligible please download an application form and email to Louise Goodman at [email protected]

For investment in West End productions please see our Commercial Investment Guidelines.

Recent investments include:

  • Mother of Him at Park Theatre in October 2019

  • SHIDA at the Vaults Theatre in September 2019

  • Snow Queen at Park Theatre in December 2019

  • Lipstick at Southwark Playhouse in March 2020


Commercial Investment

Stage One is also a prominent investor in commercial, large-scale/West End productions. We do this by setting a specific set of guidelines set by a committee for producers to adhere to. Please have a read through the Commercial Investment Guidelines to see if you can be considered for investment. To apply, please complete an application form and contact Louise Goodman on [email protected]



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