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Zoom In On 

Stage One are adapting the way they work to support producers across the UK. In order to encourage producers to continue/refresh their training in this difficult time and to maintain motivation in their careers, we have created a series of webinars called ZOOM IN ON. Each week an established producer will host an hour long Q & A. 

Next Up:

Next week our webinar will be led by Producer and Stage One Board Chief Executive Joe Smith.  Joe will discuss where he is at with his current and future projects in particular the close down and potential plans for reopening Come From Away together with projects for 2021.  He will also share some of his thoughts on where the industry is currently at and what plans are being discussed for the future.  He will also explain a little more about Stage One and the work we will do this year to support producers. 

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Financial Support

Financial Support

Stage One are acutely aware that our role is to support emerging producers in this critical time. We are aware of the disruption producers are facing and want to offer advice/support for those who are directly affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. If you are an emerging producer or Stage One alumni please get in touch and we  will aim to offer guidance where we can. Email [email protected] 

With this in mind, we have allocated some funds to provide support and welcome producers who have taken part in a development programme with Stage One over the past 3 years to apply. For more information on the support funds, please click here

Stage One are proud to have helped the careers of theatre producers for over 40 years. We are encouraged by the collaboration and support shown across this industry in this trying time.